Also known as the "Barf Diet"

What is raw feeding?

When raw feeding, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden ingredients, no fillers. All the mystery is taken out of your dog’s meals. A raw diet is composed of the same food you eat, but as it suggests, nothing is cooked. Well, I don’t know many people who eat bones, but for the most part, raw human food.

Why feed raw?

Dogs in the wild did not have little cooked pellets that contained cooked vegetables and grains (or cooked meat, for that matter), thus their systems are not made for digesting these ingredients. A raw diet is a direct evolution of what dogs ate before they became our pets.

Some pet owners who have made the switch have noticed drastic changes in their pets, including:

  • Shinier, healthier skin

  • Fresher breath/cleaner teeth

  • Improved digestion

  • Improvement with allergy symptoms

  • Decreased shedding

  • Increased stamina

  • Firmer, smaller stools

  • A general increase in overall health

What can I feed?

When discussing raw feeding you'll often hear people talking about RMB's, which stands for Raw Meaty Bones. A raw meaty bone is a bone with a lot of meat on it that is consumable. Yes, a dog can eat (and will enjoy eating) the entire bone. No, the bone is not going to splinter; those canines will be put to good use grinding bones up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cooked bones run the risk of splintering- NEVER feed cooked bones!

A dog on a raw diet will need a variety of different meats in order to reap the benefits that each protein provides; for example one type of meat may be higher in iron, while another may be higher in vitamin A. This is why a rotating diet is recommended in order to maintain a healthy raw diet.


Please inquire about unlisted prices (BULK DISCOUNT AVAILABLE)

Raw Poultry  $3.50 a lb

Breast Meat, backs & heart, Turkey, Chicken Feet


Raw Pork $3.99 a lb

Boneless loin trim, tail & heart

Raw Beef Green Tripe $3.50 a lb

Rich in digestive enzymes & probiotics to support a healthy guy & immune system.


Raw Beef $3.99 a lb 

Boneless cheek meat and green tripe with duck necks. 

Raw Venison (Deer Meat) $4.99 lb

Venison (Seasonal)

Bully Zone Blend $5.50 a lb

Boneless beef, beef tripe, duck necks, sardines, goat's milk & Quercetin.

Hypoallergenic Proteins + Allergy Support & skin supplements.

 Salmon Head $3.99

Wild Caught Salmon , Rich in Omega 3&6

Raw Tripe 10lbs $25.00

Raw Beef 10lbs $25.00

Raw Chicken 10lbs - $20.00




Prices are subject to change due to the fluctuations in the market.

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