Vet Classics Ear Wash with Tea Tree Oil (4 oz)

Vet Classics Ear Wash With Tea Tree Oil For Proper Ear Care
Vet Classics is a pet product manufacturer with a reputation for using all-natural ingredients and for using veterinarians to formulate their products. Vet Classics has a line of products addressing your pets’ skin care needs, digestive and other system issues, and overall health. They also offer products to help you when training your pet or when you want to soothe them.

Vet Classics Ear Wash with Tea Tree Oil is available in a convenient 4 oz. bottle. The formula consists of only natural active ingredients which will dissolve ear wax and remove dirt and other debris from your pets’ ears. This ear wash can be used as needed, but is especially important to use after swimming or bathing.


  • Tea Tree oil is a natural disinfectant
  • May aid in the prevention of otitis externa
  • Effective for both dogs and cats
  • Useful as a long-term preventative treatment
  • Made from natural ingredients harvested in the USA

Vet Classics Ear Wash with Tea Tree Oil (4 oz)


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