A beautiful leather dog collar for queens and aspiring princesses :) There is simply nothing like it available elsewhere! This is truly a Stunnning Hand made masterpiece - you will not see it everyday or find it in your local petshop.

It is absolutely and totally unique - truly original for Royals of the Animal Kingdom....

Collar Specifications

  • The leather for this collar is not made by machine and is literally done by hand.
  • The colours are deeply ingrained into the leather and they WILL NOT AND DO NOT run.
  • We make our fashion dog collars using black and fuscia bridle leather which is strong enough to last for years whilst at the same time is absolute luxury to wear.
  • The collar has soft leather padding on the inside contact surface area to ensure total comfort for your dog and no damage to the neck fur at all.
  • The Studs are genuine Crystal Rhinestones and no expense has been spared in making this gorgeous piece.
  • There is no doubt this is an extremely feminine collar however it still has all the trademark strength and durability of the Rogue Royalty brand standard.

Rogue Royalty Queen of Hearts

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