Turn Any Dog Food Into A HIGHER Protein Kibble With Just 1 Scoop!

  • 100% Super Premium Protein For The Ultimate Muscle Building Benefits. Get Better Muscle Building Results After A Hard Workout.
  • The Easy To Digest Protein Has A Higher Biological Rating Than Raw Meats, Raw Eggs And Other Protein Sources Which Means Your Dog Will Receive More Protein Through Out The Day.
  • Other Known Nutritional Benefits Of HIGH Quality Protein Include: Strong Teeth, Bone & Nails + Healthy Skin & Coat + Vitality & Immune Strength.
  • The RAW Natural And Purity Of Ultimate Whey Provides Your Dog With The Ultimate Protein Benefits And Contains No Sugars, No Salt Or Artificial Flavors. This Is NOT Cheap Dried Milk Protein Which Is Slow Absorbing, Hard To Digest And Packed With Sugars.

Ultimate Whey Protein For Dogs is a savory, 100% natural protein supplement. The premium quality whey protein formula contains no sugar, no salt or artificial flavors which makes it perfect for all breeds of dogs. In addition to all the nutritional benefits provided in this formula, your dog will absolutely love the natural flavor. There are many nutrients essential to your dogs diet, and protein is one of those vital nutrients. Whey is one of the best absorbed forms of protein in the body, even higher than egg, chicken, fish, raw meats and other protein sources. Ultimate Whey Protein for Dogs is: 100% Natural(Safe & Effective), Rich In BCAAs (Muscle Building & Repair), Fast Absorbing (Easy to digest). By combining Ultimate Whey Protein with daily exercise your dog will build quality muscle that lasts and also help them live a healthy lifestyle!


MVP K9 Ultimate Whey Protein for Dogs


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