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  • Dogs brought into Bully Zone Pet Supplies & Pet Grooming needs to be leashed at all times.

  • Pets must be walked prior to entering the salon.

  • In order to safely accommodate our guests, all pets must be picked up within a reasonable amount of time after we notify you (unless prior arrangements have been made).

  • Since Pet Grooming is a matter of personal taste, please spend a few minutes with our Professional Pet groomer to discuss your dog's grooming history and your preferences.

  • Please note that a surcharge will be applied for aggressive and/or challenging dogs to accommodate added resources and time required.

  • FEES - We receive many phone calls for price quotes. It is difficult for us to give you a firm price without seeing your pet. Our fees are based on breed, size, and time involved in the grooming process. We will, however, try to give you an approximate price.

  • A de-matting fee is based on the dog breed and size.. To avoid an extra de-matting fee, we urge you to take care of your pet at home. We will be happy to show you the combs, brushes, and techniques necessary to groom your pet’s coat between appointments.


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